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Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Tacoronte Acentejo

Tenerife is the main island in the Canary Islands archipelago, located in the Atlantic near the northeast coast of Africa. Tenerife is one of the major tourist destinations because of its wonderful weather almost all year round. Teide National Park, in Tenerife, was declared a World Heritage Site. The Teide is the highest point of Spain and the third largest volcano in the world. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is the main festivity in the island and it was acknowledged as a "Fiesta of International Tourist Interest of Spain".

Canary Wine Tours in DO Tacoronte - Acentejo

Canary wines have always been quite well considered, and the high quality has a lot to do with the fact that many of the islands weren't infected by the phylloxera plague during the 19th century. This means that some of the vines used for the production of Canary wines are over 100 year old. With age, vines start to grow less grapes, but the ones that do grow are of an exceptionally high quality, especially in really old plants.

Bodegas Insulares Tenerife

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Bodegas Insulares Tenerife

Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife was founded in 2003. Inside you can find 4 different spaces out of which three are cellars: Casa Viña Norte, Bodega Tacoronte, Bodega Icod and Bodega de Guía. The winery is in La Laguna, a village in Tenerife which is famous for its manor houses, the most famous one being "Torre de la Iglesia de la Concepción", which was bought by Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife to use as a winery. The building was restored to its old splendor and kept to the original plans as much as possible.

It's worth visiting Bodegas Insulares Tenerife during the Canary wine tour for the pleasure it is to taste their wines and enjoy the excellent view, from which you can see Mount Teide and the Atlantic Ocean.

Contact Info
Vereda del Medio, 48; 38350, Tacoronte (S. C. de Tenerife/Tenerife)
Telephone: 0034 922 570 617

Bodegas Buten

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Buten

Bodegas Buten is a small winery founded in 1998 by a group of friends interested in the wine sector who decided to start their own cellar. Their aim from the start was to produce a red wine that would reach beyond the Canary Islands, and the truth is they've succeeded.

A visit to Bodegas Buten during the Canary wine tour is a special treat. The winery has all it needs for wine production: a modern and attractive wine cellar with the necessary technology; an excellent vineyard of around 15 hectares located on the North side of the island at 1300 feet above sea level with an enviable climate, typical in Tenerife, and, more importantly, the relentless drive and tenacity of Lourdes Fernández, oenologist of the winery. Bodegas Buten produces two wines: Crater and Magma, both with limited production.

Contact Info
C/ San Nicolás, 122. Local A . El Sauzal. 38360, Tenerife
Telephone: 0034 922 573 272
Fax: 0034 922 573 225

El Lomo

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Lomo

El Lomo belongs to the family of Félix Rodríguez Rodríguez, who in the 80s spent his savings in buying a 30,000 m2 plot of land in the El Lomo area in Tenerife. He began producing small amounts of wine and was impressed by the land and all the varieties growing there. After some time he decided to invest in machinery and facilities to extract the full potential of his estate. He reformed the old barn and turned it into a cellar of 6000 liters, thinking about producing wine for his and his family's private enjoyment. With time, the family decided to make a business out of the winery and built another cellar, bigger and more modern.

The Canary wine tour in El Lomo cellar will take visitors all around the vineyards and the different spaces they have for wine making. The main feature of the El Lomo winery is its verticality, up to 5 meters of depth, which allows all the steps of wine making to be carried out by gravity instead of pumps, which would undermine the quality of the wine.

Contact Info
Crta. El Lomo nÂș 18; 38280, Tegueste (S. C. de Tenerife/Tenerife)
Telephone: 0034 922 545 254 - 0034 678 414 641
Fax: 0034 922 546 453

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