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Murcia, in the southeast of Spain, is a great place to visit if you're looking for a small, no-fuss city with beaches nearby and a wonderful country filled with pine trees, first rate trails for a leisure walk among nature and excellent camping places to enjoy the marvelous Spanish summer nights. And if you're looking for an out of Earth experience, the Lunar Landscape is a must see.

Jumilla Wine Tours

Jumilla wines, produced in the northern part of Murcia, are a lesser known brand that has nothing to envy from other better known ones like Rioja or Priorat.Jumilla wines are mostly produced with the Monastrell grape, a red variety native to this area. In later years, these Murcian wines have gained quite a number of followers.

The Jumilla wine tours will let you admire the vineyards a couple of kilometers away from the Mediterranean, and taste their characteristic red wines in an idyllic setting.

Casa de la Ermita

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Casa de la Ermita

Casa de la Ermita was founded in 1999, from the project of a family whose past has always been connected to wine. The cellar and winery are in El Carche, a mountain range with one of the highest mountains in Murcia. Although the typical variety to use for the Jumilla wines is the native Monastrell, Casa de la Ermita also uses other international grapes like Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, which produce well balanced wines that are up to date with today's trends.

The Jumilla wine tour in Casa de la Ermita is an interesting guided tour that lasts about an hour. The visit includes a walk through the vineyards and the surrounding area, the cellar's facilities and the cellar itself where the Casa de la Ermita wines age until they're in perfect condition for consumption. They also show their manufacturing techniques and some of the grape varieties they use to add personality and originality to our wines. The visit ends with a tasting session (optional).

Contact Info
Carretera "El Carche", Km.11,5; 30520 Jumilla (Murcia)
Telephone: 0034 968 783 035
Fax: 0034 968 716 063

Juan Gil

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Juan Gil

The Juan Gil winery is located in the heart of the Jumilla country, in the middle of a stretch of land owned by the Juan Gil family. The history of Juan Gil dates back to 1916 when Juan Gil Ximénez (great grandfather of the current generation of Juan Gil) built a small cellar in the city of Jumilla. It was the third generation who bought the land to the outskirts of the city and moved the cellar there, where the vineyards were close by and they could enjoy the beautiful Jumilla landscape.

All the facilities in the cellar have been designed by the Juan Gil family, leaving aside all the superfluous details that would only encumber the people actually working there. The Juan Gil cellars may not be as spectacular as other older or more famous wineries, but the quality of their wines and the effort they put into their production is undeniable. The Jumilla wine tour they offer at their cellar gives the visitors the opportunity of seeing this for themselves, an it also serves as an immersion in Spain's wine making tradition.

Contact Info
Paramo de la Aragona, Ctra. de Fuentealamo, Jumilla (Murcia)
Telephone: 0034 968 435 022
Fax: 0034 968 716 051


Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Luzón

The history of the Luzón cellars goes back to 1916, a family of wine makers that established their winery in 2000. In 2005 it was bought by the Fuertes family and from there on began the long process of modernizing the techniques and facilities of the Luzón cellars.

Luzón cellars are one of the finest Jumilla producers, and their wines are exported all over the world. The winery itself it quite impressive. Every Jumilla wine tour in Luzón includes a tour through the cellar, where you'll be able to see the production premises, deposits, ageing room, the bottle racks where they keep the wine until it's shipped and the cemetery. They also give detailed information of the production process, from the harvest of the grape to the bottling of the wine.

Contact Info
Ctra. Jumilla-Calasparra Km 3,1; 30520 Jumilla-Murcia-España
Telephone: 0034 968 784 135
Fax: 0034 968 781 911

If after visiting the wineries you're up to anything else, you can travel a bit around the area. Murcia is so close to Alicante (hardly an hour by car) that you can even go there to pass the day. Valencia is three hours away at most, perfect for a weekend visit!

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