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Navarre is on the north of Spain bordering with France. The current Navarre came from the ancient Kingdom of Navarre, which existed until 1841 and from which their current self-government system derives. The capital of Navarre is Pamplona (Iruña in Basque), a very pretty city full of historic buildings and sites, like the Navarre Palace, the Santa María de Pamplona cathedral or the church of San Saturnino.

Navarre wine tours

Navarre is one of the oldest wine making regions in Spain. They had early influences from the French due to their closeness, and it was the first stop of the French wine makers who came to Spain after the phylloxera bug destroyed their vineyards. Although Navarre wines aren't very famous outside of Spain's borders, they are some of the finest Spanish wines.

Unfortunately, Navarra is not one of the major tourist destinations and so it is often the case that the wine cellars in the region will be unused to receiving foreign guests. This means that most wineries will only be able to provide tours in the Spanish language. Therefore you may want to consider taking some Spanish lessons before you go, or making sure that you hire a Spanish and English speaking guide to help you.

Bodegas Ochoa

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Ochoa

The Ochoa family have been linked to wine making since the 14th century. Specifically, the wine of the major of Ochoa de Ayanz was highly appreciated by Carlos II and Carlos III. More than 6 centuries have passed and Ochoa wines are still going strong, making it one of the oldest wineries in Navarre. In fact, the Ochoa family has such significance in the Navarre wine sector that the Navarre Wine museum is located in Fausto Ochoa's old house. The current Bodegas Ochoa traces back to 1845, the date carved in the stone of the cellar.

The Ochoa vineyards which you'll visit during your Navarre wine tour are located in the medieval village of Olite and in Traibuenas. The historic winery is still used for oak maturation, and the newer winery located a couple kilometers away has modern installations and facilities, which will be shown during the visit. The Ochoa vineyards are a great example of a family run winery, and a perfect way to complete your Spanish immersion in the Navarre culture.

Contact Info
Alcalde Maillata, n. 2, 31390 Olite (Navarra), Spain
Telephone: 0034 948 740 006
Fax: 0034 948 740 048

Julián Chivite

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Julián Chivite

Bodegas Chivite was founded in 1647, making it one of the oldest wineries in all of Spain. The winery has grown over 11 generations, starting with the production of Navarre wine and expanding to other designation of origin like Rioja, Rueda and Ribera del Duero. Due to this, Bodegas Julián Chivite has become the most important cellar in exportations and one of the most important in Spain. Today, the company is run by the four Chivite children: Julián, Carlos, Fernando and Mercedes.

The Navarre wine tour in Julián Chivite cellars will show the visitor through the cellars and vineyards of the winery, accompanying the walk with a detailed explanation of the history of the cellar and the process of wine production.

Contact Info
Ribera, n 34, 31592 Cintruenigo, Navarra, Spain
Telephone: 0034 948 811 000
Fax: 0034 948 811 407

Castillo de Monjardín

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Castillo de Monjardín

Castillo de Monjardín was founded in 1986 with the aim on modernizing Navarre wines. The old family vineyard of Villamayor de Monjardín was restored for this use. The surrounding buildings were also restored and enlarged to serve as cellars and production areas. The winery was finally open in 1994, and from the very beginning there was a space for visitors, which in those years was a novelty.

The Navarre wine tour in Castillo de Monjardín will cover all the wine making process while the visitors admire the different buildings built for all the different stages of wine production, and will end with a wine tasting of their most popular wines.

Contact Info
Vina Rellanada s/n; 31242 Villamayor de Monjardin (Navarre)
Telephone: 0034 948 537 412
Fax: 0034 948 537 436

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