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Galicia, in the northwest of the Peninsula, is one of the prettiest areas of Spain. The frequent rains have given the landscapes a lush green color, with rolling hills and giant prairies. Galicia has the best of both worlds: wonderful beaches and great mountain ranges!

Rias Baixas Wine Tours

The Rias Baixas wine tours explore the whole region in search of the little cellars hidden all over the country of Galicia. Most of the wines produced in this part of Spain come from the Albariño grape, native to the area. In later years, Albariño has acquired quite a bit of fame among wine critics all over the world, and this has resulted in a profitable increase in tourism and wine exportation.

Unfortunately, despite being stunningly beautiful and full of culture, Galicia is not one of the major tourist destinations and so it is often the case that the wine cellars in the region will be unused to receiving foreign guests. This means that most wineries will only be able to provide tours in the Spanish language. Therefore you may want to consider taking some Spanish lessons before you go, or making sure that you hire a Spanish and English speaking guide to help you. There are several tour operators in the region that provide this type of service so don't be put off visiting the region. You could always combine a tour fo some of Galicia's main wine producers with a tour of some of the other famous industries in the region including the distilleries that produce the region's famous liquor, licor de orujo.

Martín Codax

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Martín Codax

The Martín Codax winery was founded in 1986 in Cambados, the capital of "Val do Salnés", by initiative of a few wine makers of the area, and it's one of the best and better known wineries of the DO Rias Baixas, specially of the Albariño variety, which is the most sought after grape in the area. Martín Codax wines are exported all across the world and they've been responsible for the recent interest in the Albariño grape and the Rias Baixas DO.

The Rias Baixas wine tour in Martin Codax consists of a full visit through the winery, from the vineyards to the cellars, with explanations of all the processes and techniques. In the "Wine room" you'll be able to see the different wines and smell all the different undertones of the wine. The final part is the tasting room, where you'll be able to try all the Martin Codax wines, which are all available in the shop at distributor's price.

Contact Info
Burgans, 91 - Vilariño; 36633 Cambados
Telephone: 0034 986 526 040
Fax: 0034 986 526 901

Adegas Galegas

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Adegas Galegas

Adegas Galegas ("adegas means cellar in Galician") was founded in 1995 by Pepe Rodríguez, a local wine maker who wanted to unify the traditional aspects of Galician wine with the more modern technologies to produce wines which would show off the quality of the vines while adapting themselves to the more modern tendencies of the wine market. Adegas Galegas exports most of their wines.

Their most famous wine is Veigadares, produced with the Albariño grape, the labels of which are designed by the painter Luis Alcántara. Adegas Galegas is located in Pontevedra, next to the Miño river, in a lush environment with cool temperatures and frequent rainfall. The Rias Baixas wine tour in Adegas Galegas will explore the tall Albariño vineyards, go down to the chilly cellars where the wines age, and let you taste the exquisite Albariños, with all the aroma of traditional Spanish culture.

Contact Info
Meder s/n; 36457 Salvaterra
Telephone: 0034 986 657 400
Fax: 0034 986 657 371

Adegas Valmiñor

Spanish Wine - Wine Tours Adegas Galegas

Adegas Valmiñor is located in the O Rosal Valley, within the limits of DO Rias Baixas. The climate is cool and humid, and rainfall is very common. Adegas Valmiñor, like most of the other cellars in the DO Rias Baixas, produces their best wines with the Albariño grape. Their most famous wines are white, but they also produce rosés and reds. A visit to Adegas Valmiñor is the perfect time to practice your Spanish wine vocabulary!

Contact Info
Adegas Valmiñor, A Portela s/n. San Juan de Tabagón, 36760 O Rosal (Pontevedra)
Telephone: 0034 986 609 060
Fax: 0034 986 609 313

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